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VAT Directive Romanian VAT Romania comes under the EU VAT regime, and is part of the European Union single market economy. VAT Directives are issued by the EU which lay out the principles of the VAT regime to be adopted by the member states. These Directives take precedent over the local legislation. For foreign businesses trading in Romania that are VAT/GST/Tax registered in their home state, the VAT registration threshold is nil. For EU VAT registered companies selling goods over the internet to consumers in Romania, the VAT registration threshold (distance selling) is RON 118,000 per annum. VAT Romania SRL Zona Industriala de Vest Str.I, Nr. 9 RO - 310375 Arad Tel. +40 257 216 911 Fax. +40 257 216 914 Your contact person VAT Customer Service +40 257 216 Our Romanian accountants are able to offer our service regarding the registration for the Valued Add Tax (VAT) in Romania and other useful information about this tax. A taxpayer is considered stable for VAT on business premises, respectively where key decisions are taken on the management or exercising its functions.

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Businesses registered in countries outside of Romania can claim VAT refunds on any costs incurred in Romania. 20 Jan 2021 Our team of Romanian lawyers can present the steps that must be concluded for VAT registration in Romania. 4 Nov 2020 The VAT rate applicable for the import of goods is the rate applicable on the Romanian territory for the delivery of the same good. VAT exemptions  In Romania, as well as in any other EU country, VAT is an important matter for all businesses.

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Romanian finance minister Florin Citu assured that the Government would not increase the VAT rate this year or next year.. The Government has resources to finance the budget deficit this year and Taxa pe valoarea adăugată (prescurtat TVA, VAT în engleză) este un impozit indirect suportat de consumatorul final al bunului/serviciului respectiv. TVA este un impozit încasat în cascadă de fiecare agent economic care participă la ciclul economic al realizării unui produs sau prestării unui serviciu care intră în sfera de impozitare. As per the new provisions, taxpayers registered for VAT purposes in Romania have to submit the 394 VAT Statement, even if no operations were performed.

Vat romania


For EU VAT registered companies selling goods over the internet to consumers in Romania, the VAT registration threshold (distance selling) is RON 118,000 per annum.

As of January 1, 2017, the VAT rate will be 19%. Romania: Changes to instructions for VAT exemptions Romania: Changes to instructions for VAT exemptions An order (No.
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There is no VAT threshold in Romania for the registration of non-resident traders; a VAT number must be in place before the commencement of … Here’s everything you need to know about Romanian VAT registration, Returns, Tax Representation and your legal obligations within Romania.

The 394 VAT Statement can be submitted either electronically via the new internet portal “e-Romania”, or in hard copy with the relevant tax authorities (accompanied by the Form saved on electronic support). Registering for Romania VAT genrrally takes two weeks once all documentation has been submitted to the tax authority, but this varies from seller to seller and will depend on the specifics of an individual company. Romanian VAT compliance. There are detailed rules controlling the recording and processing of Romanian transactions for VAT purposes.
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Thus, both the different types of companies that can be registered in Romania, as well as the authorized natural persons (PFA) and companies can file applications for VAT purposes. Businesses registered in countries outside of Romania can claim VAT refunds on any costs incurred in Romania. The below information details the requirements needed to be eligible for a VAT refund. This includes claimable expense types, Romania VAT rates, deadlines and claiming periods.

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Before receiving a response, Romania implemented the VAT split payment with effect from 1 January 2018. Romania (RO) 1. TIN structure Format Explanation Comment 9999999999999 1 block of 13 digits N/A 2. TIN description The Romanian Tax Administration issues TINs which are reported only on the official tax documents and it only can be used for tax purposes. The TIN (Codul de înregistrare fiscală) is also issued for tax Romania: VAT implications after receiving subsequent price discounts (CJEU judgment) Romania: VAT implications, subsequent price discounts The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a judgment in a case concerning the value added tax (VAT) implications when there are price discounts (for example, in the case of volume discounts or canceled sales) offered at a later date. In 2018, the procedure for VAT registration in Romania was modified again, after it was changed in 2015, when the most important modification was the fact that new companies registering at a national level for VAT were no longer required to go through a physical inspection of their headquarters, but rather meet the following criteria (starting from February 2015), which are presented below. Value Added Tax (VAT Rates) per Country.

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